B.05 Family house

About the Project

The first important element was the considerable difference between the street and the garden level. The street is located about 2.5 m above the upper part of the garden. Within the plot there is a difference of three meters in height.

The customers wanted to maintain the maximum area of garden and to have a direct contact with the outer space. The topography of the plot should be kept. It was decided to seek for the largest perimeter and to empty the plan with a central courtyard, abiding the regulations concerning occupation percentages. This generates different types of garden: each of the four sides has their own orientation and proportion, and therefore its own type of vegetation. The center of the house, the patio, is a green area directly related to the interior.

The entire programme is organized on the middle floor. The upper floor contains a garage for the car, another for bikes, and a guest room/ studio. The rest of the top floor is a roof garden. The ground floor is just a basement that occupies approximately one tenth of the land, so that the remaining 90% remains free as a garden.

The housing structure is a set of steel columns and concrete slabs in situ. The closings are executed with a large block of foam concrete format of 30cm. The outside walls will be coated with a ventilated façade of green glass panels, mass colored. Inside partitions are in plasterboard panel. Since the plot is below the elevation of sewer connections, a plant for gray and black water recycle has been installed. Recycled water is used for garden watering and filling of the toilets tanks. The heating is underfloor heating and energy source is a combination of solar and geothermal energy.


Architects: Bruno Sauer / technical architect: Oscar Marques / Collaborators: Rafa Mira, Ingo Schneider / place: Rocafort / year: 2006 – 2008

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