Urban intervention

Urban intervention

About the project

 A battle is raging even if  I´m not aware of it. It is raging wether I like it or not. I want to hide, disappear, run away from here.I want to return to my shelter but I can not, they will not let me. Do not know them, not the face they have, only know they are using weapons against words, threats against arguments, fears against dreams, fear is their great weapon and I can not feel safe anymore.

What if in the end I´m able to hide? who will defend me? Perhaps the ignorance dressed of arrogance that governs us. No, we were never a priority to them.

A battle is raging even I don´t understand, is raging and I’m the enemy.

No, I will not hide, protect only me would be like to becoming a faceless man. I’ll keep using words, arguments and dreams to try to build a shelter, a shelter made by all and for all. A refuge where not necessary to hide, where fear can not catch us. A shelter made to resist the storm when it returns, because it surely will return.

A battle is raging and I am aware, is raging and I will win.”


 authors: Miguel Arraiz García, David Moreno Terrón

additional credits: illustration: Marcelo Fuentes

Acknowledgements: Xavier Serra / Mercedes Vidal / Oscar Rodriguez / Nohemi Rodriguez / Noel Arraiz / Javier Naharro / David Quixal / Joan Piera / Alicia Escudero / Sara Costa / Marta Melis / Juanjo Rosell / Andres Fayos / María Oliver / Rafa Mira / Javier Molinero / Javier Matoses / Sr.Mixuro / Carlos Ferrandis / Bruno Sauer / Elias Domingo / Ignacio Laguarda / Alicia Peris / María Miralles / Daniel Lluch / Lorena Miralles / Ximo de Castro / Majo Estors / Marta Bertolín / Ferran Martinez / Ricardo Faus / Jose Francisco Carsí / Roberto Heredia / Comisión Falla Castielfabib – Marqués de San Juan 

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