The ECODISTR-ICT project aims at developing an integrated decision support tool that facilitates decision making on the retrofitting and renewal of existing districts and its composing buildings. It connects the main decision makers in urban district transformation programs, acting from different perspectives, with different time scales, to reach a coordinated approach that joins building retrofitting with district renovation. This coordinated approach adds the benefits of the economies of scale on a district level and allows for optimization and prioritization of decision-making. The tool provides trustworthy insights on retrofitting and renewal projects, the associated costs and benefits during the life cycle of the buildings and the impacts of these on resource efficiency, social aspects, indoor and outdoor quality of buildings and districts, and environmental concerns.


Campanar District and Project Area_Bing



– VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research)


– SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden AB


– StruSoft

– Vabi

– Sigma Orionis

– Omgeving

– Arup

– Bipolaire

– White


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