Valeriola palace restoration

About the Project

The Valeriola Palace, XVIII century is located in the historic center of Valencia. It has access from Calle del Mar, which was traditionally the connection between the central market and the port. Adjacent to the church of San Juan del Hospital (national historic monument since 1943), the former palace sits on the remains of the old Jewish quarter, of which some traces are preserved and a splendid arcosolio on the edge. All this makes the labor of transforming the residential palace into a luxury hotel a delicate affair and implies certain complications.

Starting with the analysis of the palace, the project aims to restore and enhance the rooms that originally formed the building and are still distributed around the central courtyard. The volumes to the rear garden are reconstructed enjoying the views over the church and its magnificent surroundings, using a compositional language consistent with the environment, but without renouncing to the use of contemporary materials.


Architects: Miguel Arraiz Garcia, Bruno Sauer, Luis Lopez Silgo / Technical architect: Oscar Marqués / Collaborators: Noel Arraiz, Bruno Bouissou, Ingo Schneider

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