Smart Bicycle – Urban heat island

The urban heat island effect can affect a community’s environment and quality of life. This effect has negative impacts, especially in summer, which include increased energy consumption; elevated emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases; and compromised human health and comfort. As a solution to this, a new methodology for Human Heat Stress Mapping has been developed, which consists in capturing data as we move with a measuring device developed specially for this. The data collected is represented in a map, which allows identifying the most comfortable areas within the city. The results of the pilot test developed in Valencia (Campanar) are groundbreaking. It has been observed that there are points that are always warmer/cooler than others. A variation in Air Temperature is up to 4.5 degrees, however if we consider the effect of wind a humidity the thermal sensation in different city areas varies up to difference of 21.4 degrees. These results can be used for energy rehabilitation, design of sustainable urban environments, placement of buildings, or to support people decision-making for “using” the city.

heat island 1 heat island 2

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