The context of Sostainable Architecture

The context of Sostainable Architecture
The green lie. Can the frog be honest, please?
Anatxu Zabalbeascoa & Bruno Sauer


Green is ‘cool’ and interesting but, in the end, difficult if you want to be precise. How do we get a grip on our ecological footprint? We read about it everywhere and very convincing people tell us how many KWh and tons of CO2 have been saved, so that we can learn from them. But is this what should be communicated?

There is ‘greenwashing’ all over the place, while at the same time technically complex rating systems and software are generating a plethora of eco-qualifications.

How do we explain all this in a clear and truthful way to our fellow architects, to politicians, to the users of our buildings? Is creating awareness enough and are all these means vehicles in a constant process of improvement? Or should we try to make people aware of the exact consequences of their actions, so that they can really make a difference?

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